ByLarm2Hey, Nordic artist! Do you want to perform at by:Larm 2015? Now’s your chance.

The artist registration is open and the demos are already pouring in. Sign up and send in your demo for a chance to perform at Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festival in 2015.

Register here!

Each year in October, a jury consisting of some of Norway’s best trained ears (artists, journalists, label representatives, etc.) convene at by:Larm’s head office in Oslo. They are there to take on the difficult task of choosing which artists will be in the Jury’s Selection.

After listening to hundreds of demos, discussing, arguing and passionately fighting for their favorites, the 20 jurors choose 15 or so artists who are then added to the festival line-up. These are all young, up-and-coming artists who are working towards a breakthrough, and they have all submitted their demos to by:Larm.

Many bands and artists have had their breakthroughs at by:Larm in the past, and being chosen for the Jury’s Selection is prestigious. Last year, we received more than 1200 demos from Nordic artists, with genres ranging from rock and reggae to house and hard core.

Whether you’re a solo artist or a seven-man band, sign up and send in your demo! If you do, you might be the one standing on stage next March.


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